Intelligent Ad Placement for Greater Impact and Increased ROI

Our intelligent ad platform, powered by AI machine learning maximises marketing ROI for advertisers using advanced features that identify the right channels to reach the right target audience at the right time, achieving maximum exposure for the least amount of spend. 

It aggregates and analyses consumer, competitor and media insights to improve ad planning, purchasing, execution and reporting.

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A unique set of benefits that drive results

Increased ROI

Buymedia empowers advertisers to increase their advertising ROI by providing everything you need to make the right advertising decisions for your business.

  • Enhanced cross-channel performance
  • Saves time & money
  • Makes aggregated improvements

Remove Biased Decision-Making

Take bias and guesswork out of advertising decision making by using our intelligent data-driven Monitor, Analyse and Predict (MAP) tools to make decisions that will lead to a greater ad ROI.

AI-Powered Insights

Our AI algorithms monitor the performance of your advertising mix allowing our Combined Learning Power to recommend future advertising opportunities based on your performance over time, along with consumer insights, competitor insights, and media insights.

Group Ad Purchasing

Buymedia combines the budgets of all our advertisers so you benefit from more purchasing power when advertising, resulting in lower ad spend for better results.

Increase Ad Campaign Success

Our data and insight analysis provides the best use of your budget and recommends the best allocation of your budget across the best media titles and channels – quick execution with no more guesswork and less waste.

Streamline your Advertising

Our platform cuts down on time constraints and allows your business to manage multiple campaigns across multiple media channels. So you get a better return on your advertising.

A robust set of features that supercharge your business intelligence

Intelligent Planning

Using your data with the combined learning power of consumer, competitive and media insights, Buymedia plans the most effective advertising campaign for your target audience and to achieve your KPIs.

Screenshot of Buymedia platform
Screenshot of Buymedia platform

AI-Powered Learning

 Buymedia uses AI to learn what campaigns are having the most impact so you can maximise your marketing efforts.

Empowering Business Leaders at all Levels to get Better Results


Focused on strategic growth and digitalisation. Efficient and effective solutions are key.

  • Ad effectiveness = Business Growth
  • Building advertising intelligence within the business
  • Time saving = team efficiency and effectiveness.

Marketing Manager

Focus on marketing and business metrics, maximising team results while managing tight budgets.

  • Save time on planning, purchasing, execution and reporting
  • Free the team to move from logistics to creativity
  • Increased advertising ROI justifies more marketing budget

Marketing Executive

Focus on getting an effective ad campaign live at the best price.

  • Data powered planning tools allow for fast and effective media planning
  • Negotiated marketplace allows for fast and cost efficient media purchasing
  • Reporting dashboards save time and allow faster learning across multiple media

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

Picture of Tom Murphy of De Facto Shaving Oil, a Buymedia client

Tom Murphy

Managing Director
De Facto Shaving Oil

“By planning and purchasing our advertising through Buymedia we sold more online in 8 weeks than we had in all of the previous year.”

Picture of Edel Kenneally of CROI Heart Charity, a Buymedia client

Edel Kenneally

Marketing Manager
CROI Heart Charity

"We were blown away with the response to our advertising campaign this year. We achieved a 50:1 return on our advertising investment. We will certainly use Buymedia for our advertising again."

Picture of Ciara Magee, DID Electrical Stores, a client of Buymedia

Ciara Magee

Marketing Manager
DID Electrical Stores

"The Buymedia team are a pleasure to work with, they have dedicated so much time and effort into getting our advertising work more effectively for us and enabled us to streamline our campaign measurement and ensure our advertising is targeted better, priced better and we are getting better results."

Picture of Emma Scholes of Bluebird Care, a Buymedia logo

Emma Scholes

Brand Manager
Bluebird Care

"Buymedia is an advertising partner & product we can't do without. We have dramatically increased our brand awareness by planning our ad campaigns, through the Buymedia ad planner, across a range of channels, including TV and Out of Home. We can now justify all our spend with data and analytics. We've also saved money and increased our advertising through the best ad rates on the Buymedia platform."

We have partnerships with over 10,000 national, regional and international media titles

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Screenshot of Buymedia platform