Frequently Asked Questions

What does Buymedia Do?

Buymedia is a proven effective advertising tech platform that transforms the advertising process within businesses and organisations. It guides businesses and organisations to place their advertising in the right media to most effectively reach their target audience.  Our tech has combined consumer, competitive & media data to help you allocate advertising spend to the most effective media titles to reach your target audience.  

The Buymedia platform helps marketing managers and executives to plan, purchase, manage, and report on their advertising campaigns so they can remove unconscious bias from your media choices, making better informed marketing decisions using data and increasing their ROAS (return on advertising spend).

How can I arrange a demo of the Buymedia software?

Sign up to a free demo where one of our team will walk you through the platform from filling out an ad brief to setting a campaign live.

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Does Buymedia provide reporting options?

The Buymedia platform allows you to track and measure your advertising campaigns across multiple media (traditional and digital) against your business’ overall KPIs, our AI measures your campaigns and given enough data can use market mix modeling to predict the impact of your advertising plans on the future KPIs of the business.

Advertising reports are provided from your reporting dashboard, so everything is in one place and shareable with your team and the whole organisation.  

Is there onboarding or training? 

A member of our team will provide you and your team with in-depth onboarding, covering every aspect of our platform.
Should you ever feel the need to obtain some additional training in relation to new features, or just a general refresh, a member of our team will be happy to schedule a call! 

Our onboarding process is very straightforward:
- Sign up
- Verify
- Log in
- Select or build a target audience
- Allocate a budget
- Edit your advertising plan
- Approve ad campaign details
- Execute your campaign
- Report and learn 

Is there support provided to help plan an advertising campaign?

Our support and client success team will be available to on-board you to the platform and set you up for success. Our platform and team provide assistance and insights at every step of your advertising journey -  from creating your target audience, allocating your advertising budget and finalising your media titles and plans.

Following your campaign going live our team will be on – hand to answer any queries you may have.

What’s the difference between Buymedia and an Advertising Agency? 

The Buymedia Platform empowers businesses to make better advertising decisions in real time using their own business KPIs and intelligence built on your own dashboard. The platform is
transparent and measurable.

Because your world is dynamic and the demands of the modern business world are for immediate impact we’ve made the platform much faster to execute a campaign in a few clicks. The platformi s intuitive and easy to use, it doesn’t require multiple meetings to plan a campaign. The platform is free to use from an ad planning, purchasing and execution perspective so you won’t have high retainer costs
associated with media agencies.

The learning software helps to empower marketing teams to make better strategic decisions in the future. No more waiting for reports and begging for insights - all your data and insights always
available on your own reporting dashboard.