Advertising isn’t broken

Advertising isn’t broken

We’re often told by businesses that advertising doesn’t work for them or that particular types of advertising don’t work for their businesses.

Online businesses in particular tend to believe that all their marketing must be digitally focused on particular advertising channels.

We work on data rather than instinct. The data from our users and from IPA case studies shows that adding a medium to your marketing mix has a cumulative effect on your business growth.

The same budget across 4 or 5 channels has an augmented effect on your business bottom line. The key is to select the channels that are right for your business customer and industry type.

Marketing Week recently published an article on Monzo and how their use of traditional media in an online business had ‘insane’ effect on their business growth.

At Buymedia we always recommend a measured approach, make small improvements to advertising planning, purchasing, managing and monitoring and like Monzo you can start to see ‘insane’ growth in your business.

You can read the full article from Marketing Week here.