Buymedia Wrapped 2021

Buymedia Wrapped 2021

2021 was another incredible chapter for Buymedia.

This year saw enormous growth in audio, particularly with podcasts becoming more and more popular. We’ve helped many of our clients purchase audio advertising, particularly from Spotify. Recently, I was flicking through the infamous “Spotify Wrapped 2021”, thinking, I wonder what is going to be “the new big thing” in advertising in 2022? And, how do we make sure it’s Buymedia?

To celebrate the transition to the new year, we have decided created our own “Buymedia” wrapped of our top moments for 2021.

This year marked our sixth birthday of helping SME’s break the barriers in advertising with Ireland’s first advertising intelligence platform. Since 2015, we have trialed and tested new technology and created partnerships with the industry’s thriving individuals to bring our clients the best opportunities.

This year in particular has been a big year for recruitment with seven new faces joining our team. Rachel Hynes, Media Director, joined us in December. “I have really enjoyed being part of the Buymedia team. The concept of the platform is impressive and I am excited to be part of an innovative team on a journey to great things’.

The latest version of our platform was introduced this December. We have completely transformed to guide buymedia to the next level in 2022 with new features and campaign management tools with our clients in mind. This couldn’t have been possible without our fantastic tech team working hard to provide the best user experience to our wonderful clients. Plan, purchase, manage and learn all from your personal portal – convenient right?

Buymedia was named as one of ThinkBusiness’s ‘27 young Irish businesses playing a fundamental role in making the digital economy a reality’. The world as we know it is changing and Buymedia are only a small part of a big change.  “We believe that SMEs are the real business superheroes – they work hard, the support their community, their lives are a constant struggle and they have to compete for customers with big brands who have better insights and data, greater resources and expertise,” said co-founder and CEO Fergal O’Connor.

As the year comes to an end, we simply cannot reflect on our achievements without thanking our remarkable clients for believing in the Buymedia team and growing alongside us. Here’s to an extraordinary year, and an exciting next chapter.

The Buymedia Team.