Case Study - Fast Food Retail and Spotify

Case Study - Fast Food Retail and Spotify

The best CTR we've seen in a very long time


One of Ireland's largest and fastest-growing fast food restaurant groups, were looking for a media mix that was data driven and based on very specific 'ice cream loving' personas. The clients' marketing team gave a media brief - who they were targeting, their campaign objectives and budget.


Using these insights the Buymedia marketing team built a persona through the Buymedia platform that tightly aligned with the target customer. The Buymedia software then media mapped this customer against over 600 media titles to find the most popular media with the target customer. The software algorithm then calculated the media effectiveness score to give the client an ideal media shopping list to meet their advertising objectives. The list included TV, Radio, OOH, Print, Social and Digital media titles.One option that ranked particularly highly for this specific target audience was Spotify. It was a media option that hadn't been used before by this client but the Buymedia data gave a strong indication that this was a popular media choice amongst the target audience.The media effectiveness scores across all media were used to allocate budget most efficiently and the media plan was approved and implemented through the Buymedia platform.


While across the board the results of the campaign delivered for the client there was one particular encouraging piece of data. The result from Spotify outperformed the industry average CTR but specifically amongst the 18 year olds. With Spotify saying "this is the best CTR we've seen in a very long time". A great result for our client - we love it when a plan comes together. To find out if your business is missing opportunities to grow through more effective advertising contact Buymedia today -