Galway Tech Company Buymedia to create 100 Jobs as Part of Ambitious Growth Plans

Buymedia, a pioneering advertising platform, is to create over 100 new jobs at its

Galway Tech Company Buymedia  to create 100 Jobs as Part of Ambitious Growth Plans

Buymedia, a pioneering advertising platform, is to create over 100 new jobs at its Galway base over the next four years. The announcement was made at the official opening of Platform 94, a state-of-the-art technology innovation centre where the Buymedia head office is based in Galway.

Charting a course for exponential growth:

  • 100 new jobs: Buymedia plans to create over 100 skilled positions within the company, reinforcing its commitment to fostering local talent while contributing to its global impact.
  • International expansion: Buymedia is building an impressive network of international partnerships while concurrently seeking strategic investments to propel its ambitious global expansion plans. This dual approach paves the way for establishing a strong global presence and solidifying its position as a major player in the     international AdTech space.
  • Next-gen AI for marketing: The company is actively pioneering cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, equipping marketing professionals with powerful tools and insightful data.

At the opening event, the company unveiled its exciting plans for the future, in the presence of distinguished guests Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation Dara Calleary, Leo Clancy, CEO, Enterprise Ireland, the Mayor of Galway Eddie Hoare and President of Galway Chamber, Eveanna Ryan.

Speaking at the opening of Platform 94, Minister Dara Calleary TD said: “I am delighted to join the Buymedia team today to celebrate the opening of their new office space here in Platform 94 and the announcement of significant job creation here in Galway. A key priority for this Government is to foster regional enterprise development and create jobs across all the regions of Ireland. We recently launched the Digital Creative Industries Roadmap which fosters crucial collaboration between government, industry, and stakeholders. By working together, we can ensure Ireland's creative industries thrive in the AI age, driving sustainable growth and shared prosperity. Today’s expansion announcement by Buymedia is a testament to the huge opportunities that await this sector on a global stage and paves the way for this innovative company to significantly scale its business internationally. The Government, through Enterprise Ireland, looks forward to continued engagement with Buymedia to support the growth of the business into the future.”

Leo Clancy, CEO, Enterprise Ireland said,Buymediais an innovative,ambitious company that Enterprise Ireland is proud to support. It is creating aworld-renowned brand, using the latest AI advancements focusing specifically onthe buoyant marketing and advertising sector and has a clear growth path forthe coming years. This growth will support the creation of high-quality,rewarding careers in the West of Ireland and Enterprise Ireland looks forwardto working with Buymedia on this journey.”

Buymedia showcased a world-exclusive demonstration of its groundbreaking generative AI tools during the event. These tools provide:

  • Advertising planning rationale: Empowering marketing departments with comprehensive justifications for campaign decisions.
  • Predictive analytics: Offering actionable insights and recommendations for future ad campaigns based on past performance and industry trends.

"This event marks a defining chapter in Buymedia's journey," declared Fergal O' Connor, CEO and Founder of Buymedia. "We are incredibly proud to announce our ambitious growth plans, fuelled by a talented team, innovative technology, and unwavering support from the industry and community. We are excited to create high-skilled jobs, expand our reach internationally, and empower marketing professionals with the next generation of AI-powered data-driven advertising technology."

By democratising access to sophisticated data-driven tools, Buymedia empowers businesses of all sizes, regardless of budget or experience, to achieve remarkable results. This inclusive approach levels the playing field, fostering a more vibrant and competitive marketing landscape.

Buymedia stands poised for an exhilarating future, fuelled by innovation, collaboration, and a dedication to shaping the future of advertising.