Ireland Together Insight into SME Advertising Data Sources

Ireland Together Insight into SME Advertising Data Sources


IrelandTogether is a community of peers – over 900 business leaders, 11 industries, across 6 Countries. A network of entrepreneurs offering support, sharing knowledge, and building a stronger ecosystem that enables businesses to thrive.


Irish businesses will recover from this setback, reinvent , and flourish. Their global network builds resilience to prepare business for future shocks and disruption.


Connecting Irish businesses to the resources, knowledge, advice, and support they require to succeed in a radically changing future.

Buymedia CEO Fergal O’Connor was delighted to be invited to talk with the ever growing membership about how SMEs can avoid bias and use data to help them make more data driven decisions, when advertising.

If your business wants to avoid bias when advertising or would like to sign up to be a Beta tester for some of our new software features that will help you achieve a better return on your advertising please fill in our expression of interest form here.